What Is SnapsBoard App?

SnapsBoard is an innovative photo & video management and social networking application.


  1. Save and watch original resolution photos & videos across major mobile devices and desktops – iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Web.
  2. Unmatched capabilities to organize photos & videos by events, groups, albums, creation date, upload date, location, and various other criteria.
  3. Most secure app to gather (crowd-source) event photos & videos such as birthdays, school graduations, weddings.
  4. The only app that allows simultaneous sharing of photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail contacts, smart phone or tablet contacts, and mobile messaging.
  5. The only app that provides same exceptional experience whether you are watching your photos/videos that are locally saved on iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet or saved with SnapsBoard service.
  6. Enhance and decorate your photos with filters, frames, collages, emojis, stickers, text and many other widgets.
  7. Unlimited storage. SnapsBoard does not compress any of your uploaded photos/videos.
  8. Price: Free.

Prominent features of SnapsBoard app:

  1. Gather (crowd-source) all your event photos & videos:

    This feature is especially useful when you are organizing events such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, school graduation, or alike. Your friends and family members might be snapping photos and videos on their mobile phones at your event that they can upload to SnapsBoard app directly from their phones. Your friends and family members can help you in gathering all your event photos and videos at one place with no effort. You can create any number of groups and events underneath those groups. Invite your friends and family members to join your group or event right within SnapsBoard app. You can invite your Gmail, Yahoo! mail, Hotmail, or phone contacts with just a couple of clicks in the application.

  2. Variety of options to watch your photos & videos:
    1. Gallery mode: Options to watch photos in various small to large sizes. Enjoy watching the photos in larger size or quickly glancing through a large set of small size photos.
    2. Moments mode: Watch photos/videos organized by date and event.
    3. Full-screen viewing: Watch full-size photos and slide them left or right at your convenience.
    4. Slideshow: Watch photos/videos in a slideshow with the option to set a speed that you like.
  3. Share your photos/videos directly from SnapsBoard app to social sites Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest. Share with your friends even via mobile messaging or email.

    Unlike many other apps out there that share the photos and videos via links to the above social sites, SnapsBoard app shares the actual photos and videos to the social sites wherever possible. For example, when sharing a photo from SnapsBoard to Twitter, your followers will see the actual photo instead of a link in your Twitter feed.That helps in providing a much better user experience to your followers.

  4. Privacy:

    SnapsBoard app has been built from ground up to ensure members have complete control on privacy of their photos/videos and data. Should a member decide to make any of their photos/videos publicly visible, App alerts in real time and advises them to make educated decision. SnapsBoard does not leave privacy to chances so that members can really have peace of mind.

    1. You can keep all your photos/videos completely private to you.
    2. Share your photos/videos with your selective friends/family members, which you can configure from event to event.
    3. You have option to share your photos with all your friends/family member or showcase your work to the world.
  5. Security:

    Unlike many other apps out there, inviting friends and families to join you on SnapsBoard or your event is permission based. Your friends or family members can join you on SnapsBoard or your event only if you send them invites from the app. Who can see your photos/videos on SnapsBoard service is completely under your control.

    Please note that there are several apps out there in the market, specifically in the wedding segment, that make the members share a code or a link with their friends and family members inviting them to join their events. We see it as a significant security/privacy weakness. Whoever gets access to those codes or links, they can see and even download your photos/videos.

  6. We are often asked how different SnapsBoard app is than Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Shutterfly, WedPics and many other apps alike.

    All such apps have their own strengths, but none of these apps provides as comprehensive capabilities as SnapsBoard does – save/watch original resolution photos/videos, deep level of organization capabilities, and security. For example, Facebook provides good level of organization capabilities, but downgrades the photo/video resolution drastically; Instagram degrades the resolution of photos and does not provide much organization capabilities; flickr stores original resolution photos, but it does not provide the organization capabilities as SnapsBoard does. Specialized apps such as WedPics may store original resolution photos, but may restrict the video uploads up to 15 seconds vs 10 minutes in SnapsBoard. Most importantly, such apps carry significant security weakness by allowing anyone to join your event by using a code or a link.
    Save and organize your original resolution photos & videos with SnapsBoard; share them from SnapsBoard to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, email, or mobile messaging.

  7. People use variety of cloud services and devices to store their photos and videos such as Box, Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon cloud etc. These are great options to store photos & videos, but none of them provides options like SnapsBoard does to organize and watch photos & videos.

Access SnapsBoard app:
iPhone/iPad: http://itunes.com/apps/SnapsBoard
Android phone/tablet: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snap.testsnapboard
Laptop/Desktop: https://www.SnapsBoard.com

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