Wedding Photos and Videos Management App

Are you on the look out for an app to save, organize, and share photos & videos of your upcoming function such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, or school graduation? Do you also want this app to gather (crowd-source) your photos & videos that your guests might snap at your function? Soon you may find that there are several apps available in the market ready to help you. When you start comparing them side by side, you will quickly learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Wedding Photo
Following are three criteria that may help you in making a decision. There is, of course, a bit of tooting our own horn here.

  1. Privacy and Security:

    There are several apps out there that allow users to invite their guests by sharing a code or a link. Though, such codes and links make it convenient for the guests to join your event without requiring you to approve their subscription to your event, they have great potential to easily leak out to the unwanted audience through social media postings and various other ways. This carries a risk of anyone posting photos/videos to your group that you did not want, or someone downloading your photos/videos without your consent/approval.

    SnapsBoard app has been built from ground up to ensure utmost privacy and security for its members. SnapsBoard provides its members complete control in inviting their guests. SnapsBoard members can invite their contacts who they have stored on their phones, via direct emails, or their contacts stored in popular email systems such as Gmail, Yahoo! email, and Hotmail. No one can join your event unless you have sent invitation to them yourself.

  2. Limitations on photo/video size:

    There are some apps that may support uploading of videos on one platform, but not on others. Also, ensure to check the video length that the app supports. Some apps support uploading video clips of 15 to 25 seconds only.

    SnapsBoard supports uploading of videos up to 1GB in size or 10 minutes in length on all of its supported platforms. You and your guests can record and upload videos from any Android or iOS device or from laptop/desktop, SnapsBoard handles the complexity to make those videos available transparently on all the supported devices.

  3. App’s operability on popular devices and platforms:

    Ensure the app you pick would work on the popular phone devices and platforms that your guests might be using.

    SnapsBoard app is available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, and accessible via browsers on laptops and desktops. You and your guests will have the same app experience and access to all features regardless what device you use.

Here is how you can access SnapsBoard app:
Android phone/tablet:

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40% Discount on Photo Print Orders to Walgreens

Thanks to Walgreens for offering 40% discount on photo prints exclusively for SnapsBoard members. If you are planning to order photo prints in SnapsBoard app to Walgreens, use coupon code SNAP40 to avail 40% discount. This offer is valid until 31-March-15. You can use this coupon code in SnapsBoard app on all the platforms – Android, iOS, and web.

Oh, if you need to send photo prints to your friends and families who may be far and away from you, you can have them join you on SnapsBoard. They would be able to order photo prints in SnapsBoard app themselves and pick up the prints at their local Walgreens store.

Here is how you can access SnapsBoard app and start saving, organizing, and sharing your photos/videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, mobile messaging, email:

Android phones/tablets:

SnapsBoard integration with Gmail, Yahoo! Email, and Hotmail

We are happy to announce the integration of SnapsBoard app with popular email systems Gmail, Yahoo!, and Hotmail. In addition to  inviting phone contacts, SnapsBoard members can now send email invites to all or selective email contacts to join their events, groups, and personal circles.

This integration makes inviting a large number of email contacts super quick, especially while organizing events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. Simply create and event, invite your email contacts, and have everyone contribute their photos & videos to the event that they may snap on their mobile phones or cameras. Share some or all of those photos/videos directly from SnapsBoard app to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Additionally, event members will have flexibility to order simple photo prints directly from SnapsBoard app to their local Walgreens stores.

SnapsBoard app does not read passwords to your email accounts. SnapsBoard does not store your email contacts.

This feature is immediately available in our Android, iOS, and web applications. Here is how you can access SnapsBoard app and start saving, organizing, and sharing your photos/videos:


Android phones/tablets:


Download SnapsBoard iOS App New Version 1.5.5

New features available in this version:

  • Option to watch 1, 2, 3, or 4 photos/videos in a row.
  • You can now view your photos in full screen mode or glance through them quickly. No any other app provides this level of flexibility!
  • Watch your photos & videos in Moments format. Your photos/videos are displayed organized by the uploaded date.
  • Send out invites to your iPhone contacts to join your SnapsBoard event or group.

Please enjoy the new features.

We appreciate your feedback. Please send your feedback either via Contact Us form available in the app or send an email to

Twitpic App Alternative

Twitpic has announced that the app will be shutting down on Oct 25th (see their announcement at Sorry to see Twitpic go.

If you use Twitpic to share images/photos to Twitter, you may consider using a better alternative, SnapsBoard. SnapsBoard app shares the actual photo/image to Twitter. Your followers would see the actual shared image/photo right within the tweet. In contrast, Twitpic and many other photo/video apps post url of the images/photos to Twitter that requires followers to click on the shared link in the tweet to see the actual image/photo. SnapsBoard is super easy and requires less effort to share on Twitter and other social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and even via direct messages or emails.

Photo Prints With Walgreens

We are very excited to announce the integration of SnapsBoard app with Walgreens photo print service. SnapsBoard users can now send their photo print orders right from mobile or web SnapsBoard app to Walgreens. Users have flexibility to order photo prints to any of their local Walgreens store throughout the USA.

Printing photos from SnapsBoard to Walgreens is super easy. Just click on your desired photos or albums and select the option ‘Print to Walgreens’. Select a Walgreens store where you want to pick up your prints from. The process is as simple as you would use to order photo prints on Walgreens website, but without the hassle of uploading your photos to Walgreens. SnapsBoard does all the complex work for you. Order your prints in SnapsBoard app, pay at Walgreens store at the time of pickup. This is a free service in SnapsBoard app.

Availability of Personal Circles

We are pleased to announce the availability of new feature ‘Personal Circles’ (aka SnapsBoard Circles) in SnapsBoard app. SnapsBoard users now have flexibility to create dual profiles that provides complete separation of privacy in sharing photos/videos between personal friends/family members and school friends:

    1. SnapsBoard Circle: Create your own personal circle in SnapsBoard app. Invite your friends and/or family members to join your circle.
    2. School Profile: If you are a student or want to be associated with your current or past schools, you can create a School Profile by adding a school to your profile. Remember, SnapsBoard already has a list of more than 133 thousand US schools and colleges. Most likely you will just have to pick and choose your desired school/college.

If you decide to create both the profiles, you can dynamically switch between the profiles within SnapsBoard.

Facebook Login Integration

We are happy to announce that Facebook users can now signup or login to SnapsBoard app by using their Facebook login credentials. SnapsBoard does not see or store your Facebook password.

When you sign up or sign in to SnapsBoard app with your Facebook account first time, SnapsBoard would automatically create your short profile based on the information received from Facebook.