Organizing Photos/Videos Made Easy

  1. Introducing a new exciting feature in SnapsBoard app that can make organizing your photos/videos like a breeze. In turn, it would make it super easy to make your photos/videos available on your fingertip, anytime, anywhere. This feature is immediately available in Android app. It is expected to be available in our iOS app in few days as soon as the App Store review completes.

    Imagine you are taking photos/videos at an event such as a wedding or a birthday. You keep uploading photos to a cloud service throughout the event. If you want to keep your photos organized so that you can locate them later easily, you will have to keep adding photo details every time you upload your photos. You may be typing the same photo/video information again and again. This problem has now been solved by SnapsBoard.

    When you upload your photos/videos to SnapsBoard, app would intelligently identify if there are any previously uploaded photos/videos in your account that were taken in the vicinity of the same location and time frame. App would let you use the same photo/video details that you had used with previously uploaded photos. You can simply let the app reuse all the information as such or you can update any as you like. You can just continue to upload without worrying about entering the same photo/video titles, descriptions etc. again and again.

    Further, if your friends and family members who are also taking photos/videos at the event and if they are members of your SnapsBoard circle, they would be able to use the same photo/video details that you might have added to your photos. It can save really serious amount of time and efforts of lot of your friends and family members. Isn’t that awesome!

    People are taking more and more photos and videos than ever. They just dump them to a cloud storage or local drives thinking they will get back to organizing them later. Majority of the people never get back to organizing those photos. They get fatigued by the thought of serious amount of time and effort it would take to organize them. Surveys have shown that this is one of the top reasons that most of the photos/videos are never accessed again, because it becomes so hard to locate them later.

    This feature requires location information that is stored in the metadata (exif) embedded in the image. SnapsBoard does not use the location information of your photo/video for any other purposes.

  2. App is completely free!

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